Tuesday Quote of the Week: Edgar Mitchell

What I experienced during that three-day trip home was nothing short of an overwhelming sense of universal consciousness. I actually felt what has been described as an ecstasy of unity. It occurred to me that the molecules of my body and this spacecraft, of the world I had come from and was now returning to, were all manufactured in the furnace of an ancient generation of stars like those surrounding us. Our presence here was not an accident of nature, but rather an extension of the same universal process that evolved our molecules. And I felt an extraordinary personal connectedness with it. I experienced an ecstasy of unity. I not only saw the connectedness, I felt it.”

~~Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut and author of The Way of the Explorer)

Tuesday Quote of the Week: E.B. White

The subtlest change in New York is something people don’t think much about but that is in everyone’s mind. The city, for the first time in its long history, is destructible. A single flight of planes no bigger than a wedge of geese can quickly end this island fantasy, burn the towers, crumble the bridges, turn the underground passages into lethal chambers, cremate the millions. The intimation of mortality is part of New York now: in the sound of jets overhead, in the black headlines of the latest edition.
“All dwellers in cities must live with the stubborn fact of annihilation; in New York the fact is somewhat more concentrated because of the concentration of the city itself, and because, of all targets, New York has a certain clear priority. In the mind of whatever perverted dreamer might loose the lightning, New York must hold a steady, irresistible charm.”

~~E.B. White from “Here is New York” his essay written in a midtown hotel room in the mid-forties and published in book form in 1949 (originally published in Holiday magazine.

Tuesday Quote of the Week: Walt Unsworth

But there are men for whom the unattainable has a special attraction. Usually they are not experts: Their ambitions and fantasies are strong enough to brush aside the doubts which more cautious men might have. Determination and faith are their strongest weapons. At best such men are regarded as eccentric; at worst, mad….

“Everest has attracted its share of men like these. Their mountaineering experience varied from none at all to very slight–certainly none of them had the kind of experience which would make an ascent of Everest a reasonable goal. Three things they all had in common: faith in themselves, great determination, and endurance.”

~~Walt Unsworth, from Everest (as quoted by Jon Krakauer in Into Thin Air)

Tuesday Quote of the Week: Neil Young on Success

I am thankful for the things I have been able to try. Success is hard to measure. If you have lots of cash, that doesn’t make you successful–it makes you rich. (Even if you’re like me and have lots of stuff and not much cash relatively, that doesn’t make you a success; it only makes you materially rich.)
“Success is a tough one for me to define. I have my failings to be sure, and I am working on them all the time, except for when I forget or am so preoccupied that I’m not aware. These are my personal successes and failures, and they have nothing to do with money or possessions.”

~~Neil Young from Waging Heavy Peace

Tuesday Quote of the Week: Neil Young

I followed my music and missed her moments.”

~~Neil Young from Waging Heavy Peace writing about his relationship with his daughter, Amber

Tuesday Quote of the Week: Neil Young

During the Iraq War, when CSNY went on the road…we had a sense of the old purpose. But things had changed; we split our audience in half with that music rather than bringing it together. It was a sign of the times. We have been through a lot together: the Summer of Love, hell, distrust, and hurt. Life. When we play now our audience still feels it, like a candle that is flickering, like a sun that is setting. A fog is rolling in. It is really all of our lives together.
That was CSNY to me.”

~~Neil Young, from Waging Heavy Peace

Tuesday Quote of the Week: Hermann Hesse

Life is waiting everywhere, the future is flowering everywhere, but we only see a small part of it and step on much of it with our feet.”
~~Hermann Hesse

Artsy Pic: Christmas Eve in New York

“The beach. I know it’s the Milford Plaza, but I see the beach.” His response when I asked what he was looking at. This was his view. I took the picture and asked (without showing him the picture) what he would title a picture of the view. The post title is his response.

Artsy Pic: Columbus Circle

Oh, those summer nights!

Tuesday Quote of the Week: Marco Vassi

The erotic ambiance, the erotic communication, the erotic mood is the source of beauty and art. Our painting, our poetry, our filmmaking–and in my head, even our state of consciousness–are all variations of that feeling. And that feeling is nothing more than the healthy body in its full sensitivity, vibrating to the fact of being alive.”

~~Marco Vassi as quoted by David Guy in The Red Thread of Passion: Spirituality and the Paradox of Sex


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